How Long Would It Take?

banana sunrise a novel by huge gorilla wells
You’ve heard that question about how long it would take a monkey (or room full of monkeys) and a typewriter to produce one of Shakespeare’s plays (or some variation thereof). Well… I guess it is considered “a popular and proverbial illustration of the mathematics of probability” known as the infinite monkey theorem. (See, you probably learned something new today simply by reading this post 🙂) Thank you Wikipedia! At any rate…. So the image in this post is the great American novel penned by one H.G. Wells (the other H.G. Wells). It is merely one piece of pattern, so tune in to see a broader picture of this monkey parable. Anyways…. Here’s a little “inside baseball”: After messing around fruitlessly in Illustrator with the perspective tool, I found it far simpler to use the free transform tool to place the wording on the front cover. I also have tossed around the idea of renaming the author Hugh G Gorilla, but I’ll probably keep it like it is.
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