Why Wauseon?

Why Wauseon?

My newest design is actually my second attempt at a design for Wauseon Ohio. Why Wauseon? Well, I was was filling in at the post office in Wauseon, which is about a 30 minute or so drive away from my home in Waterville. The post office is actually a really cool building (the photos don't do it justice) and has more character than I expected from a building built in 1936 (if that is the correct date), which really isn't that old.

Anyways....enough about the post office. 

Driving west on the back roads of the flat Ohio farm country, I came into Wauseon for the first time (at least that I could remember). It was late high school football season and Wauseon was in the playoffs. I was impressed at how the entire city seemed to rally around their school with communal pride. Yard signs cheering "Go Indians" dotted lawns throughout the town. "Go Indians" declared a billboard in front of a local business. 

The town was originally called Litchfield back when it was first platted in 1853, after Litchfield, New York, where many of the new settlers had emigrated from. However, it was renamed Wauseon in honor of an Ottawa Indian Chief. The Michigan Southern Air Railway helped fuel the early growth of Wauseon, and it would soon become the Fulton County Seat. Today it is home to some 7,000 residents.

So: why Wauseon? Because its residents seem happy to call it home, and we should all be so fortunate to live in a town like that. I hope you enjoy this simple design as much as I enjoyed creating it. Todd

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