This One's For Joel!

cartoon image of a scowling angry ear of corn with a unibrow, captioned
I was talking to an old friend who was asking what I do, and I told him, and he said: "Well, you know what you need to do...." And he proceeded to explain THIS very image that you see. And he was laughing as he explained it, but he explained all the necessary details of it, right down to the angry scowling face which, to him, was perhaps the most important aspect of the entire thing. And I said: "Joel, I dunno.... It seems a little corny to me." And, of course, the "artist" in me reflexively recoiled at the very suggestion from another person.... But, he had the entire idea: I didn't have to use my brain at all. So I did it. Perhaps my favorite parts of the entire thing is the font, which is based upon a font called "Mr Bubble". (Now if there isn't a font that was MADE for me....) I'm also working with a broad nib fountain pen (which, incidentally, I really like) in hopes of (among other things) getting a cleaner line. So this one's for you Joel!
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