Please DO Feed the Birds

See, now this is the stuff you got to watch: They're tricky!

Have You Ever Seen A Gator Swallowing A Hippo (Down By the Bay?)

Experimenting in patterns and, albeit labor, I find it delightful labor. Herein is an alligator swallowing a hippo. (What did...

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Be careful who you follow! Rescued this one from the vault (2018).

Just wait til next year

Another one from the vault. Isn’t it nice to have a good friend? In NW Ohio, college football is close...

Can You Help A Blubber Out?

He ain’t heavy, he’s my blubber.

Where’s Todd?

A man of means by no means, #entenman enjoys a leisurely morning 9 stories up in his rented Myrtle Beach...

Translation missing: