A Love of Travel

Crunchmouth Designs was born out of my wife's and my love for travel. I had vacationed in Hawaii (and that was some vacation!) with her and her family before we were married, but it wasn't until our honeymoon in May of 2009 that we both realized how much we loved to travel. From our home in Toledo Ohio, we traveled to Oxford Ohio (where I graduated from Miami University in 2000), then to Nashville, and finally to Mobile Alabama. While we were in Mobile, we traveled to Orange Beach, Bon Secour, and New Orleans.

Fairhope Alabama

Our host at the bed and breakfast where we were staying in Mobile suggested that we visit Fairhope Alabama. "Fairhope", I thought, "What a lovely name for a town." It was getting on in the day when we visited, past 4pm, and much of the small town was shutting down. But we enjoyed just walking the streets and paths of this quintessential American small town. I remember there was a pathway between buildings and it was lined with foliage and blooming flowers and benches to sit. It was a wonderful time just walking and talking with my new bride. There was a corner drug store, a music shop, a clothing boutique, and gift shops. I appreciated the moment and valued the time. The stress of "real life" seemed to melt away.

Travel = Freedom

What I learned from my two week honeymoon is just how valuable getting away can be. I'm proud of where I come from and I love my home in Northwest Ohio, but there is something about experiencing new places that delights my soul. Hitting the vast expanse of roadway in this country, staying in new places, meeting new people, and seeing all the different scenery evokes in me a childlike wonder. We are so blessed to live in a country so expansive and diverse, that we are able to travel freely and to even own a piece of. Travel equals freedom and freedom means the ability to pursue happiness and an abundant life.

The Problem

When looking for souvenirs to remember these one-of-a-kind, life-changing vacations though, too often I found my choices to be, well: all the same. At the very least they were lacking. Don't get me wrong, they were probably fine for most people, but they just weren't unique enough for me to drop money on. I don't consider myself anything special, but I am unique simply by virtue of being a human (and, if you are reading this, you are too!). These designs all followed the same rules: what's trendy now. I'm not interested in trendy. Trendy is limited to what is popular right now. A good design is timeless, not bound to the time period in which it was created.


If I were to use one word to define our designs, the word I would use is this: freewheeling. Our designs are fun, colorful, and simple. They don't follow rules or conventions or trends, because what's the fun in that!? Our designs don't seek to break rules just for the sake of breaking rules. Our primary goal is not to blaze new paths (although we're not opposed to doing so). Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality products that (and please excuse the cliche) are as unique as you are. 

Small Business

Thank you so much for supporting our small business. We shop small local businesses whenever possible. It is true that small business is the backbone of America. My Grandma, Audrey Entenman, owned and operated a boutique gift store in Toledo Ohio and, later, when I was a boy, an old-fashioned general store in Grand Rapids Ohio. I can still recall the wonder that I felt when I went into that store as a child and saw the colorful strips of candy buttons, popcorn balls, toy pop pistols, and scratch-and-sniff stickers on the counters and shelves. She helped instill in me a love of quality product and an appreciation for small business.

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