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In Portland town, where dreams are found,
A sticker bold, Crunchmouth renowned.
With state outline, it takes the shape,
Of Oregon's land, no need to escape.

Durable vinyl, tough as can be,
An overlaminate, protecting with glee.
Rain or shine, it'll stay intact,
With colors vibrant, that's a fact.

Portland's wonders, all in one place,
This sticker captures them with grace.
Portland Art Museum, a world of art,
Where creativity ignites the heart.

International Rose Test Garden in bloom,
Nature's colors, dispelling gloom.
Portland Japanese Garden, serene retreat,
Find solace there, in moments sweet.

Pittock Mansion, a sight so grand,
Stately beauty, it does command.
Washington Park, a lush escape,
Where memories and adventures take shape.

Oregon Zoo, where animals thrive,
Forest Park's trails, where nature's alive.
Hoyt Arboretum, trees standing tall,
A tranquil haven for one and all.

Lan Su Chinese Garden, a tranquil scene,
Cultural treasures, calm serene.
Portland Saturday Market, bustling delight,
Crafts and wares, a vibrant sight.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden's charm,
Blooms aplenty, bringing joy and warm.
OMSI's wonders, science and more,
Discover and learn, a boundless store.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a scenic embrace,
Where nature and city meet face to face.
In this sticker's art, they all unite,
Portland's essence, shining bright.

So grab this sticker, embrace the view,
A piece of Portland, just for you.
Stick it proud, on any surface you see,
A reminder of Portland's beauty and glee.

Portland Oregon Sticker Details

Our stickers will look great on your laptop, macbook, hydroflask, guitar, kayak, mug, e bike, etc!
✨ Sticks to any clean, smooth surface ✨
✨ Size refers to measurement of longest side ✨
⭐ High quality die-cut vinyl decal
⭐ Beautifully printed on vinyl and topped with an overlaminate for exceptional durability
⭐ Water resistant, weatherproof, and tearproof
⭐ Not recommended for use in dishwasher or microwave
⭐ Suitable for indoor and outdoor display, although quality may deteriorate in harsh outdoor conditions
⭐ Not designed to be repositioned, as sticker may warp and/or will lose adhesion from being moved.
⭐ Handwashing is recommended.
⭐ Color and design may vary slightly due to continuous product improvement. Colors also may vary slightly due to resolution of different display screens.

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