Introducing the "United States of California Vinyl Sticker" by Crunchmouth Designs – a groovy homage to the Golden State and its larger-than-life perspective. Get ready to add a touch of vintage-inspired charm to your surroundings with this unique sticker that captures the essence of California's laid-back vibe.

Imagine adorning your travel gear or personal items with this whimsical design – perfect for your family vacation, car, laptop, or any surface that could use a dash of Californian flair. The hand-drawn cartoon sketch proudly depicts the United States, but with a twist – California takes center stage, both literally and metaphorically. Inside the borders, the words "United States of California" are playfully emblazoned, showcasing the unique Californian spirit that, for some, California is indeed the heart of the nation.

This design is a nod to the carefree vibes of the 1970s, a time when road trips were a way of life and retro aesthetics ruled the scene. The vinyl sticker, a classic symbol of self-expression, perfectly complements the vintage appeal. Whether you're showcasing it on your travel gear during a road trip, laptop at a coffee shop, or your car bumper cruising through the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, or San Francisco, this sticker is your passport to style.

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, this vinyl sticker is more than just an accessory; it's a statement. It's an invitation to embrace the Californian perspective on life, where every day feels like a laid-back adventure. So, stick it on, channel your inner free spirit, and celebrate the uniqueness of California. The United States of California Vinyl Sticker by Crunchmouth Designs – because sometimes, it's okay to believe that California is the center of the universe.

United States of California Sticker Details (Original Date of Release: 11/11/2023)

✨ Sticks to any clean, smooth surface ✨
⭐ High quality die-cut vinyl decal
⭐ Beautifully printed on vinyl and topped with an overlaminate for exceptional durability
⭐ Water resistant, weatherproof, and tearproof
⭐ Suitable for indoor and outdoor display
⭐ Not designed to be repositioned, as sticker may warp and/or will lose adhesion from being moved.
⭐ Handwashing is recommended.
⭐ Color and design may vary slightly due to continuous product improvement. Colors also may vary slightly due to resolution of different display screens.

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