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In a world of wanderlust, let's find delight,
With "The Traveling Kind" sticker, shining so bright!
Crunchmouth Designs brings whimsy and charm,
A decal capturing travel's magical charm.

Hand-drawn with care, this sticker displays,
A radiant sun, hills in a tree-covered haze.
And there, an iconic VW camper bus,
Symbolizing adventure, calling to all of us.

"The Traveling Kind" phrase, it proudly proclaims,
Embracing explorers, and free spirits, it aims.
With font full of charm, it invites all to join,
The ranks of wanderers, where joy intertwines.

Crafted with vinyl of the highest degree,
This bumper sticker will withstand, you'll see.
Unyielding to elements, it remains vibrant and strong,
A lasting symbol as you journey along.

No matter your ride, be it car, truck, or RV,
This bumper sticker fits with grace, you'll agree.
It showcases your adventurous soul, loud and clear,
Reminding of joys wandering brings near.

Nomad or road-tripper, seeker of new,
"The Traveling Kind" is the sticker for you.
Spark conversations, inspire those around,
As you roam to places yet to be found.

So embark on adventures, let your spirit unwind,
With "The Traveling Kind" sticker, true and kind.
Let it proudly accompany you on your quest,
A beacon of wanderlust, amongst the best.


✨Measures 9"x3"